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In-House Opportunities for a Litigator

In-house opportunities are substantially less common for litigators than for transactional attorneys.  Most in-house departments — in California and elsewhere — have open positions for transactional attorneys, but very few for litigators, in large part because litigation services tend to be outsourced to third-parties.  Of...

Resume Expectations When Moving In-House

Interested in making the transition to an in-house counsel position?  Whether you’ve been working with a private law firm, or a public agency, there are a number of common factors that in-house legal departments tend to look for when hiring.  Though in-house counsel and firm...

How to Evaluate “Best Fit” Opportunities

Oftentimes, attorneys feel thoroughly exhausted with their current position, colleagues, and/or firm or company, and are ready to move on to greener pastures, but they haven’t necessarily developed an understanding of what would be the ideal target for their next career move.  In other words,...