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4 Ways a Local Bar Association Can Help Grow Your Legal Career

4 Ways a Local Bar Association Can Help Grow Your Legal Career

If you’re an attorney planning to make a career transition — whether to a different organization or to a different legal specialization (i.e., making the jump from the transactional-regulatory work in the energy industry to the financial industry) — then you’ll need all the help that you can get.

We encourage would-be attorney-candidates to contact our team of Los Angeles legal recruiters here at Garb Jaffe & Associates for guidance.  We have extensive experience helping candidates identify and evaluate different options (both on the organizational level and with respect to specific legal openings), and secure an ideal placement.

In today’s legal market, it has become increasingly common for attorneys to make big career moves early and often, but few are making use of all potential resources they have at their disposal.  One underutilized resource is a local Bar association.  Professional associations can have significant value, not only during a job search, but for growing your legal career over the long-term.

Let’s take a brief look at four ways in which a local Bar association can help you grow your legal career.

1) Building a Professional Network

Generally speaking, local Bar associations host a number of different events — academic, social, and professional in nature — thus offering attorneys excellent opportunities for building out their professional network.  Though many attorneys find “networking” difficult, the more relaxed environment of a local Bar association (in which many attorneys are simply looking to socialize) can remove a lot of the latent awkwardness that people normally associate with targeted professional events.

The professional connections you build at a local Bar association can and will carry through to the job search process — after all, every member of an organization can have a positive impact on your perception as a candidate, at least in small part.  For example, an associate can “put in a good word” for you with their hiring manager, or a partner can push to have you brought on-board.

2) Access to Career Resources

Many local Bar associations use member fees to pay for extensive career development resources, and may even invite legal employers to give talks and host meet-and-greet events with member attorneys.  Do not be shy about utilizing these resources!  They can give you a leg up against the competition.  So long as you are serious about your candidacy and are legitimately interested in the target organization, an expression of interest will almost certainly help your chances.

3) Becoming a Thought Leader

If you are an active member of your local Bar, then you may have an opportunity to give a talk on the practice of a particular area of law (or a particular industry) in which you have special training or experience.  If you are intending to explore the job market, then it is absolutely worth investing the time and efforts necessary to become a “thought leader” in your area of expertise, even if it is only in your geographic locale.  Thought leader attorneys are more likely to be actively targeted by firms and in-house departments for hiring, and may even be given opportunities for consulting arrangements, which can give the attorney additional control over their schedules.

4) Continuing Education

As part of its investment in career development resources, most local Bar associations also offer continuing education opportunities — though not necessarily in the form of formal education.  Typically, there will be evening events where a specialist attorney (or some other thought leader) gives a lecture along with a Q&A on a particular area of law or industry.

Keeping up with your education as an attorney may not seem like an obvious “advantage” in the job market, but it is invaluable for ensuring that you are up-to-date on the law and on cutting-edge strategic implementations.

Contact Garb Jaffe & Associates for Comprehensive Job Market Assistance

Here at Garb Jaffe & Associates, our Los Angeles legal recruiters have decades of experience working with a wide range of attorney-candidates, from ambitious midlevel associates to firm partners.  We secure “ideal” job placements by addressing the attorney-candidate’s particularized needs, goals, and concerns — and are empowered by our extensive professional network throughout the state of California.

We provide end-to-end assistance.  When we engage a candidate, we offer our services in many different ways, including organizational evaluations/research, resumé development, and mock interviews.  This approach is fundamental to our business — we invest the time and resources necessary to gain deep insights into the candidate’s career prospects, and use the information gleaned from those engagements to maximize their value on the job market and identify best-fit work scenarios.

Curious about how we can help?

Call us at 310-207-0727 or complete an intake form through our website to schedule a meeting.  Our services are free of cost for attorney-candidates (we charge the hiring organization — not the applicant).

We look forward to speaking with you.

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