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Alternative Positions for Attorneys: Legal Consultant

Alternative Positions for Attorneys: Legal Consultant

Experienced Legal Recruiters in Los Angeles, CA

If you are tired of working as a full-time attorney for a firm or in-house legal department, but you are still interested in doing regular legal work, then you may be interested in pursuing an alternative career track as a legal consultant.  The legal industry is changing every year in an attempt to become more flexible, and as such, there is an ever-increasing demand for excellent legal consultants who can be on-boarded to projects and provide value within a short period of time.

Here at Garb Jaffe & Associates, we routinely assist attorney-candidates with the hiring process, and advise attorneys with respect to major career transitions as well.  Curious about what we can do for you?  Contact one of our legal recruiters for further guidance.

What is the Role of a Legal Consultant?

Legal consultants are generally brought in on a work-for-hire basis to assist with short to medium-term projects for which in-house personnel are insufficient to cover the project’s staffing needs.

For example, if a boutique firm is overwhelmed with a patent law case, they might bring on a legal consultant who is specialized in that particular type of patent law to assist with discovery, case strategy, expert coordination, and more.

Though many attorneys assume that such work is low-level (i.e., eDiscovery assistance only), there are many firms and in-house departments that hire high-level attorneys to provide specialized legal consulting services on a short-term basis.

Desired Skillset

Becoming a legal consultant is not necessarily suitable for every attorney.  The career track requires that the attorney not only have a higher risk-appetite than most in their industry, but also that they are communicative and adaptable.

Quick Learner and Adaptable Personality

Legal consultants are often brought on in tense situations where quite complex concepts, tools, methodologies, and issues must be learned as soon as possible after they are on-boarded.  Legal consultants are therefore best equipped to handle their responsibilities if they are “quick learners” and have an adaptable personality.

With a given project, there is typically not enough time (or room for error) for you to modify the way in which the project is being handled, even if doing so would lead to a more efficient workflow — as such, you will have to learn whatever the hiring organization expects of you, even if that seems clunky or inefficient compared to the way you normally work.  Though there is sometimes room for push-back, you should expect to bear the burden of some unique challenges with every organization that hires you.

Excellent Ability to Communicate

Legal consultants must be able to communicative effectively in order to integrate into their new team and workflow as quickly as possible.  Without effective communication skills, the project may have inefficiencies that do not justify the cost of bringing on consultants.  Biglaw firms and in-house legal departments that hire consultants expect those consultants to be willing and able to communicate issues immediately, and to do so clearly.  Assertiveness is highly regarded in this context.

How Recruiters Can Help Legal Consultants

Contractors may struggle to secure consistent work due to the nature of project-based assignments and the need to build trusted relationships with a number of different organizations.  A legal recruiter can help legal consultants minimize the inconsistency that is inherent to project-based assignments — at Garb Jaffe & Associates, for example, we have developed great relationships with Biglaw firms, boutique firms, and in-house legal departments throughout the state of California.

Thanks to these relationships, we have timely knowledge of internal staffing needs as they arise, and an “insider understanding” of what sort of skillset and attorney background is best suited for a particular project.  This reduces the significant friction typical of the hiring process for project-based assignments, and wastes less time for all parties involved.  With the aid of a skilled team of recruiters, legal consultants can make the project acquisition aspect of their job much more efficient overall.

Contact Garb Jaffe & Associates for Legal Recruitment Assistance

Here at Garb Jaffe & Associates, our skilled Los Angeles legal recruiters provide comprehensive recruitment assistance to attorneys looking to make a change in their legal career, whether they are making a straightforward lateral move to a different organization or making a significant career transition.  We have decades of experience working with attorneys at every stage of the job search and recruitment process, helping them to identify and secure best-fit job opportunities.

As recruiters, our services are free of charge (we are paid by employers).  Good relationships are fundamental to our business.  This payment dynamic therefore incentivizes us to put attorneys in “ideal” placements that will lead to a healthy and happy working relationship in the long-term, while putting less pressure on attorney-candidates.

If you’d like to speak with us about your career goals and what we can do to help you accomplish those goals, please call us at 310-207-0727 or send us a message online to connect to one of our legal recruiters today.  We look forward to assisting you throughout the process.

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