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Maximizing Hireability in an Uncertain Economy

An uncertain, shaky economy can pose new challenges for attorneys looking to make a career transition — generally speaking, they must have a more competitive application than they would otherwise require in a healthier economy (and the attorney-candidate must perform extremely well during the interview). Maximizing...

4 Legal Recruitment Dealbreakers

Just getting started with the job search process and feeling a bit anxious?  Completely understandable.  Perhaps you haven’t had to search for a new job in a while, and don’t quite remember all the "do’s and don’ts” of hiring.  This anxiety can be further compounded...

How to Navigate the Interview Process as an Introvert

If you’re an introverted attorney interested in exploring the legal job market for new opportunities, whether in the Biglaw or in-house space, then you may be feeling somewhat anxious about the possibility of another set of high-stakes interviews. Interviews often feel inauthentic and artificial to introverts,...