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Body Language Tips for Your Job Search

Body language is often misunderstood – and its potential impact commonly underestimated – in the context of a job search, particularly among legal professionals.   The hiring process is a multi-phase process in which different facets of your overall desirability as a candidate are assessed in different...

5 Ways to Enhance Your Value as a Lawyer

The legal job market is more competitive than ever before. As law firms advance into the digital age, standards and expectations seem to have been raised accordingly. Modern attorney candidates tend – as a general rule – to have more diverse backgrounds, broader skillsets, and...

Advantages of Using a Legal Recruiter

Navigating the hiring process can be a particular struggle for those who are making a job transition after years of working in the same position, as well as for those who are looking to more significantly transform their career (i.e., if you are interested in...