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When Is It Time to Transition to a New Firm?

If you’ve been employed as an attorney in the legal industry for a reasonable length of time, chances are that you’ve watched colleagues come and go through the constantly revolving door of the hiring process (which includes, of course, the transition to a new firm). ...

5 Tips for Improving Your Law Firm Interviews

From law school, through to the early years of being an associate, to transitioning to a new position, attorneys in California (and across the country) have built a confused, conflicted mythos surrounding law firm interviews.  Candidates re-entering the recruitment process are just as likely to...

In-House Compensation Trends and Issues

In recent years — and particularly in the past year as Biglaw firms begin to ramp up compensation for associates — in-house attorneys have been exposed to significant pay pressure, which has pushed many to reconsider a firm career.   Traditionally, there has always been a substantial...