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Career-Related Resources Available Through the California Bar Association

Career-Related Resources Available Through the California Bar Association

If you’ve been contemplating a career move — whether to a new position at a firm or in-house legal department, or to an entirely different practice area/specialization — then you may be wondering where to begin.  The prospect of re-entering the legal job market can be somewhat overwhelming.  Interested attorney-candidates may not necessarily be equipped to secure ideal positions, and even if they are effective in securing such positions, it may turn out that the organizational culture is a poor fit for their personality.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you — the attorney-candidate — can maximize your value on the job market and obtain the guidance you need to make a splash with your next move.

Here at Garb Jaffe & Associates, we encourage candidates to explore the possibility of working with a seasoned legal recruiter throughout the hiring process.  We also encourage attorney-candidates to explore other means of improving their “hire-ability” on the job market, from skills development to networking, and more.  That said, let’s take a brief look at how membership in the California Bar Association can give access to some useful resources during this career transition moment.

Becoming a Certified Specialist

In today’s rapidly-changing legal industry, specialist attorneys are in high demand at both firms and in-house departments.  The California Bar Association is a national leader in innovating specialist training and certification, offering programs for certifying attorney specialization in a particular field of law.

The State Bar Legal Specialization Program has a number of strict and specific requirements (i.e., educational requirements, exam success, experience in the specialty area, favorable colleague evaluations etc.), but if you can earn the designation of a “certified specialist,” then you will be better-equipped to secure an ideal position on the legal job market.

State Bar Committee Volunteering

The California Bar operates a number of public and professional impact committees, from those focused on improving diversity and inclusion in the legal profession to those focused on ethics.  Attorneys interested in expanding their professional horizons (and building out a better professional network) should consider signing up to volunteer for a California Bar committee.

California Bar committee members will not only have access to other committed attorneys outside of the work context, but will be “putting themselves out there” for employers.  Interest in serving on a committee speaks volumes about one’s leadership capabilities and willingness to take on complex challenges in the workplace — but it’s important to frame your committee work in a digestible manner.  The legal recruiters here at Garb Jaffe can help you structure your experiences (such as committee volunteer work) so as to maximize your candidacy as you explore the job market.

Legal Career Guides and Tips

The California Bar routinely publishes legal career guides and tips.  For example, it recently published a short “tips” document on how to effectively apply for a superior court appointment as a trial court judge.

These guides may be simple, but they serve as a great reference as you begin to explore the job market — after all, many attorneys (for whom it has been years since they had to actively search for a job) are “rusty” with selling their skillset and experiences to employers.  These guides can provide the confidence and succinct early guidance necessary to get started.

We encourage candidates to explore the official California Bar website for more guides and tips relevant to different legal career paths.

Contact Garb Jaffe & Associates for Legal Recruitment Help

Garb Jaffe & Associates is a Los Angeles-based legal recruitment agency helping a broad range of attorney-candidates — from midlevel associates to firm partners, and more — make significant job transitions that will not only be a net positive for their career trajectory, but also be a better “fit” for their particular goals, needs, and concerns.

Here at Garb Jaffe, we invest a great deal of time, attention, and resources towards each and every attorney-candidate that we work with, from beginning-to-end.  We offer comprehensive hiring assistance, which includes identifying best-fit positions on the market, evaluating opportunities and organizations in the context of one’s career trajectory, resumé development services, mock interviews, and more.

Ready to speak to a seasoned Los Angeles legal recruiter about the possibility of moving on from your current position?  Let’s talk!

Call us at 310-207-0727 or complete an intake form through our website to schedule a meeting.  Our services are free of cost for attorney-candidates (we charge the hiring organization — not the applicant).

We look forward to speaking with you.

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