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Cultivating a Positive Online Presence as an Attorney

Cultivating a Positive Online Presence as an Attorney

In today’s world, it’s critical that job-seeking attorneys manage their online presence carefully to minimize the negative and maximize the positive.  An online presence that reflects poorly on the attorney (i.e., nasty, public insults) could lead to a number of lost opportunities, while an online presence that reflects well on the attorney (i.e., they have a following due to regular blog posting about the law) could help them compete with attorneys who may have a superior application.

If you’d like to speak to an experienced Los Angeles legal recruiter at Garb Jaffe & Associates about your online presence, and how to effectively navigate every phase of the legal hiring process, contact us today.

Let’s take a closer look at ways in which you can “spruce up” your online presence.

Release White Papers and Other Guidance

If you have written white papers, or have the capacity to share professional experience/wisdom on specific matters (that could be helpful or interesting to others), do be sure to share that information online.

Not only could regular posting lead to a small following — which is a significant advantage with respect to your employment prospects — but the fact that your professional opinions are accessible online gives employers an opportunity to read your content and be “wooed” before the interview.

Engage Relevant “Groups” on Social Media

Most social media platforms have powerful group functionality enabling a person to extend their reach to people they might not be “personally” connected to.  These groups are absolutely participating in if you’re interested in growing your professional network.

For example, if you are exploring a career transition into copyright litigation, then you can join a copyright litigator “group” on LinkedIn or Facebook and participate in discussions, community events, and more.  Depending on your level of engagement, you may become recognizable within the group and have the opportunity to network with experienced attorneys in the target field.

Build a Professional Profile

Increasingly, attorneys are expected to maintain professional profiles online — on platforms such as LinkedIn.  The use of professional social media platforms has become so ubiquitous that it is seen as necessary for modern attorneys to (at the very least) keep their profile updated and respectable.  It also pays to stay active on such platforms, perhaps by posting useful professional news/tips/guidance in the form of blog posts.

A professional profile need not be tied to a particular social media platform, however.  Many attorneys are exploring personal sites (not unlike artist portfolio sites) which include background information about the attorney, white paper links, video links to conference panels and talks they participated in, etc.  These personal sites give a uniquely positive impression to prospective employers, as it shows how much time and consideration you’re willing to invest into career success.

Scrub Negativity from the Internet (Where Possible)

It’s a well-known reality at this point in time — employers (both in the legal industry and beyond) often conduct online searches into prospective candidates to evaluate any positive and negative aspects that might not have been disclosed on their application.

Not everything you’ve posted online (or that has been posted about you) is a net positive, however.  For example, if in the past you had extremely transgressive political views and were aggressive in espousing those views, then social media posts concerning those past political views could hurt your candidacy if discovered.  Candidates need not necessarily delete their old social media posts, so long as they navigate their privacy settings and ensure that their profiles are not accessible to the public.

Of course, the more problematic scenario is one in which you have a negative online presence due to being covered by a third-party — for example, an online blog may have written a negative post about you.  This post may show up after a search of your name.  To eliminate this post, you could directly contact the owner of the blog and request a takedown, or you could purchase services that are designed to flood search engines to “hide” the negative online posts from the first few pages of search results.

Contact Garb Jaffe & Associates for Recruitment Help

If you’re interested in making a career transition — whether to a new firm or in-house legal department, or even to a different attorney path altogether — then we encourage you to contact the team here at Garb Jaffe & Associates for recruitment guidance.

Here at Garb Jaffe, we offer assistance to attorney-candidates looking to explore the job market for new opportunities.  Unlike many of our competitors, we provide truly comprehensive assistance from start-to-finish, working with candidates to identify compatible positions (and organizations), spruce up their applications, practice for the interviews, and navigate any bumps in the recruitment process.

Over the years, we have engaged a large network of firms and in-house legal departments throughout the state of California — as such, we have deep insight into various organizations and what the “ground level realities” will be for an attorney at said organization.

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