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What is the Relationship Between Recruiter and Employer?

What is the Relationship Between Recruiter and Employer?

Interested in using a legal recruiter to assist you with making a successful transition to a new position?  Experienced recruiters have well-developed networks with law firm and corporate employers, and work closely with attorney candidates to ensure that their application is taken into serious consideration by such employers.  Surprisingly, many attorney candidates are not aware of the precise nature of the relationship between legal recruiters and their in-network firm and corporate employers.


Let’s take a brief look at how legal recruiters connect with employers (to the advantage of all involved parties) — this will help to clarify the particularities of the relationship and how that influences the assistance provided by legal recruiters.


What is the Purpose of a Legal Recruiter?


Legal recruiters play a number of roles in assisting attorney candidates over the course of the recruitment process, including, but not limited, to:

  • Developing a persuasive application for employment
  • Helping the candidate prepare for the interview process
  • Identifying best-fit opportunities in the marketplace
  • Working with the candidate to identify alternative career paths
  • Vetting prospective opportunities and employers
  • And more


Perhaps most fundamentally, legal recruiters are familiar with the regional/national industry of law firm and in-house employers, and in fact, are well-connected to such employers through former, successful candidates and other networks.  Legal recruiters are therefore well-equipped to provide accurate advice relevant to each individual job opportunity.  For example, your legal recruiter will be able to advise you on how to best prepare for an interview with a law firm that it has successfully placed candidates at before.  Without the aid of a legal recruiter, you would have to simply “guess” at how to conduct yourself in the interview to the satisfaction of those making the hiring decisions.


Here at Garb Jaffe & Associates, our legal recruiters have decades of experience helping California attorney candidates throughout the hiring process, working closely with candidates to ensure that they are placed in ideal opportunities for career growth and satisfaction.


Legal Recruiters Are Paid by Employers, Not Attorney Candidates


Importantly, you do not have to pay a fee to your legal recruiter.  Instead, your legal recruiter will be paid on contingency by various employers.  This has an enormously positive effect on the legal recruiter dynamic with candidates.  The recruiter is incentivized to work studiously with promising candidates to ensure that their application is developed, submitted, and processed in a timely manner.  Even better, candidates do not have to spend money to work with a legal recruiter — the cost is shifted to employers.


Here at Garb Jaffe & Associates, we — like other recruiters — partner with California law firms and corporate entities who are looking to fill their ranks with high-quality candidates.  The contingency arrangement is such that we are paid a fee by the employer once they hire one of our attorney clients.


Some believe that the contingency fee arrangement that dominates the recruiter landscape can lead to negative outcomes, as a recruiter might be “tempted” to connect an attorney with an employer even if the opportunity is a poor fit for the attorney candidate.  This is an unfortunate misconception, however.


As recruiters, we are incentivized to help attorney candidates find and secure their ideal positions, for a number of reasons:

  • If the candidate is fired or quits within a certain period of time after being hired, then the contingency fee may be refunded.
  • If the candidate is a poor fit from an employer perspective, then they may no longer choose to work with us over the long-term.
  • If the job is a poor fit from a candidate perspective, then they may not choose to work with us at a later date, when they are looking to make another career transition.


Here at Garb Jaffe & Associates, we are committed to the legal community of California, and strive to maintain our reputation over the long-term.  As a general rule, legal recruiters do not pawn off candidates onto employers without properly vetting the position (and the candidate) to ensure that the fit is correct.


Recruitment is not for Entry-Level Positions


Generally speaking, legal recruiters do not recruit for entry-level positions.  In the both the regional and national legal industry, entry-level positions (for candidates newly graduated from law school) do not require sufficiently specific skills or background experience to justify the cost of recruitment.  Entry-level attorneys are widely perceived to be “blank slates” who will learn much on-the-job.


Instead, employers use legal recruiters when they are looking to fill a mid-level or senior-level opening.  Legal recruiters have the networks necessary to assist mid-level and senior-level attorneys with making thoughtful career transitions that benefit both parties — the candidate and the employer.



Interested in making a career transition?  Speak with one of the experienced legal recruiters here at Garb Jaffe & Associates.  Our legal recruiters have helped numerous attorney candidates secure positions with prestigious law firms and corporations located throughout the state of California.  We provide guidance throughout the recruitment process, with services that include market assessment, resume development, and interview coaching.


Call (310) 207-0727 to schedule a consultation with one of our Los Angeles legal recruiters.  We look forward to assisting you.

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